International Homestay Program

General Introduction

While improving participant’s English skills on a daily basis, EP Home Stay Program offers opportunities for individuals and groups to experience Chinese culture and traditions by enjoying original life in China in a home. The results of EP Home Stay Program are long-term international friendships which aid in the important task of building understanding on a personal and global level

Target participants

Homestay is an excellent program for people who want to experience original Chinese life and colorful Chinese culture in-depth. This program has a focus on cultural exchange and who love to share the characteristics of their country, culture, and cuisine


1. Homestay is a wonderful opportunity to learn and practice Chinese.

2. Homestay is a great way to get to know about Chinese daily life, to learn Chinese traditional culture in a Host Family
setup context.

3. To expand networks, make friends with more Chinese people.

4. To enrich the students’ spare time through participating in the Host Family banquet, visit the relatives of the host, trips, etc.

It is a high-energy and enjoyable program. Be part of Chinese Host Family daily life routine. It comes with an opportunity to take part in Host Family activities, and meeting extended Host Family members. Plus, they can show you landmarks and the hidden gems of China.


Our host families are our most valuable assets.They are selected seriously by EP standards. All host Families are interviewed in person and evaluated by the EduPeace staff to acceptance. Criminal background checks are run on all host family members. We carefully select our host families based not only on a passing a complete screening process but also on their genuine desire to share their home and culture with an international exchange student.Host families are open-minded, flexible, enjoy learning about other cultures and appreciate the unique opportunity hosting offers their family. They are responsible for the student’s room and board. The families look forward to opening their hearts and home to our international friends, providing a safe and nurturing cultural and language emersion programs as well as a cooperative administrative relationship with the EP Foundation.

1. Offers a private, clean room with furniture and facilities (e.g., Single bed, Double bed, Tables, Table Lamp, Chairs, Wardrobe, Air Conditioning, Heating, Ash-bin, Internet access)

2. Every host has their private car. Public transportations are very convenient as well (bus stops and subway stations are nearby)

3. Single room is not less than 8 square meters; double room is not less than 12 square meters (Double room has two separate beds)

4. Breakfast and dinner are provided seven days a week, and lunch also available on Saturday and Sunday if you are at home

5. Every member of the Host Family are highly educated, Bachelor Degree or above

6. Most of the Host Families members are interested in Chinese traditional cultures, such as Chinese classical musical instruments (Guzheng, Guqin), chess, calligraphy, traditional Chinese painting, etc. Also, they have many different hobbies, for instance, music, reading, traveling, singing, art, movies and so on. We match you an appropriate Host Family according to your hobbies

7. Host Families are hospitable; they are interested in foreign cultures and willing to make foreign friends. Some have been abroad hence international experience and have foreign friends

Services include

1. Provide personalized placement with a Host Family in China. We have interviewed and inspected every home on our list and try to match the interests of our students to those of our Host Families

2. Professional staff to provide orientation, supervision, and guidance throughout your stay

3. Online language assistance upon request

4. Participate in our networking activities

5. Emergency contact. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in case of emergency

6. We provide coordination between the Host Family and the students

Program Length

EP Home Stay program can be provided for both short-term from 1 week and long-term until one year.

For those who visit China in short period, the homestay duration must be more than one week.

For those who currently reside in China, the duration must be above one month.

To get more information about this program, please contact us.