Paid internship and studying mandarin

PI&SM Program

A wonderful experience for your future


I. Why PI&SM Program

With a sustainable growth rate, China is playing an active and important role in the world’s economy and politics, which also marked by its cooperation in international education and communications.

By joining PI&SM Program, you will undoubtedly have significant opportunity to experience life in China by working with local Chinese and understand how local people live and work.

In another word, the purpose of our program is carefully designed to build a stable platform, by which you can have great opportunity to improve the working experience and be more competitive in this world.



II. Program Target Group

Who are eligible for the PI&SM Program?

(1) Under Graduated;

(2) Post Graduated;

(3) Yong specialists under 40 years old;



III. Program Schedules for reference

General ArrangementsMandarin courses          Internship           travel
Length Date Schedule
  4 months  1st day Arriving in your placement cityAirport   Accommodation
2nd day Welcome Ceremony
2ndday – 9th day Mandarin and Chinese culture classes
2ndday – 14th week Internship
15th – 16th week Tour / Goodbye to China
   6 months


1st day Arriving in your placement cityAirport        Accommodation
2nd day Welcome Ceremony/start your internship
1st – 4th months Mandarin and Chinese culture classes
1th – 21th week Internship
22th – 24th week Tour / Goodbye to China
   1 year


1st day Arriving in your placement cityAirport        Accommodation
1st week Welcome Ceremony/tours around the city
2nd week Start your internship and the Mandarin classes
Last month Travel / Goodbye to China


Program Sections



The internship is the core section of our program. PI&SM Program offers students a valuable and professional working experience. Internships are available in many sectors such as Language training, Finance, Trade, IT, Design, Tourism, Logistics, Advertising, Hotel business, Medicine, etc. We have specially set up a database to find and match the perfect placement for the candidates according to their majors which will guarantee the maximum performance of the students during their stay in China.


Part of job exhibition

Company  Placement representation    Salary
New Oriental Teaching oral English $ 1000-1300
SF Express Customer Service (Overseas Region) $ 600-800
Kunlun Hotel Lobby manager assistant $ 500-600
CYTS Overseas intern operator $ 600-800
HUAWEI Enterprise Channels Sales Account assistant $ 800
SPD Bank Financial manage assistance $ 400-600
Holiday Inn Lobby manager assistant $ 500-600
Hilton Lobby manager assistant $ 500-600


A sample program

As an International Sales Manager Intern you’ll benefit:

  • Paid placement
  • Practical experience with new international marketing ideas
  • Plenty of opportunities to spend time with the regional Manager including weekly meetings of coaching and professional development
  • A vibrant network of personal and professional contacts

The primary duties of the international Sales manager intern:

  • Help to develop, organize and execute marketing campaigns.
  • Keeping informed about market-related matters.
  • Build up connections within the industry.
  • Arrange the office documents.

Other Program Details:



  • High English or Chinese level.
  • Independent and self-motivated with the ability to take an idea and implement it.
  • Good knowledge of Microsoft Office programs.


Mandarin Courses

In this section, practical ability of spoken Chinese and communication skills are emphasized, which would benefit students’ comprehending on working force, methodology and life surrounding you in the coming future. Apart from the language training, cooking class, Taichi, calligraphy, and painting workshops are also involved. You will gain both deep and practical knowledge about Chinese culture.


Tours in China

China is a country full of traditional and attractive historical sights, beautiful landscapes and a vast culture. PI&SM Program offers students a life-changing experience allowing them to explore every nook and cranny of our country. From the magnificent Forbidden City in Beijing, the impressive Xi’an Terracotta Warriors, the mighty Yangtze River and the breathtaking scenery that surrounds it, indeed is a once in a lifetime experience.


Our Service

Our service consists of following parts                                                    

As soon as we receive your application, we initially assess your suitability for the program. If you are successful with your application review, you will be invited for a telephone or Skype interview by the companies that we have carefully selected for you. Before the interview, we are dedicated to answering you any question about the host companies and the Chinese working culture.

*If you are an applicant for a 6-month professional internship, you will have maximum six chances to interview for different placements. Please find more details about the recruitment process on the attached fee table.

If you are succeeded with your application and get the offer, we will send you an invitation letter to help you apply the visa to China. Before your departure for China, you will receive an instruction which gives you detailed information about living, working, and learning in China.

It is interesting to learn some Chinese. The first session of our program is the mandarin classes. We have designed the program with our university partners, to make sure you will not only enjoy every minute of the course but also adapt cultural and practical knowledge of China. During this period, we are ready at any time to listen to your feedback and to answer your question.

During your internship, we will always be there to help you adapt the host company culture. Your feedback is essential for us, with which we coordinate the relationship between you and the host company to make sure your value every moment during the internship.

During this period, we prepare a dormitory for you to stay in. Please find more details about the accommodation in the attached fee table.

Travel is the last part of our program. We provide several travel programs; you may join our travel group or travel by yourself, for those who will be traveling by themselves we will be glad to assist you over the phone and answer all the questions related to traveling.


  • Airport pick-up and drop-off services
  • Visa extend help
  • Assistance with exit-entry local public security administration bureau, other related services.
  • Provide with 24/7 emergency support and telephone assistance services